Scan, Store and Manage

With built-in scanning feature, MuGenDocs makes your dream of paperless office come true. At one click you can scan documents and store files in a folder created on MuGenDocs. Scanning and uploading heaps of paper documents is now easier and faster. Moreover, MuGenDocs supports all types of files for online storage. (Image files, documents <pdf, doc, and xls>, presentations and audio/video). This feature improves efficiency of your office staff/administrator to get paper documents converted to digital format quickly.

Safety & Backup

MuGenDocs cloud storage frees you from the perpetual concern of document theft or loss. With user authentication, automated backup and restore feature, this software has robust walls to safeguard your files. The most powerful feature – document encryption of MuGenDocs keeps them safe on cloud and eliminates the risk of documents being hacked. MuGenDocs security feature promises utmost document safety at any given point of time.

Role Based Access

If you have multiple users managing your documents and wish to provide limited access such as some may only upload documents, some should only read or write and selective people can approve the uploaded documents, then the Role-based access feature of MuGenDocs helps you limit user access. Simultaneously, you can access documents anytime and anywhere.

Version Control

When one is managing several versions of a document, tracking them may be a daunting task. MuGenDocs version control feature makes it easier to find the latest document version and also check the previous versions that have been stored. You can also get details of the users who have created and modified the document versions and the date of modification too. This makes it easier for you to keep a track of various documents being stored in a particular category.

Search & Filter

If you have trouble finding documents stored in a particular folder, the text based search retrieves all the files that you are looking for based on the categories pre-defined. This feature of MuGenDocs reduces your time and effort when it comes to searching amongst the heaps of documents that you may have stored.

MIS Reports

Perfect data is the key for any analysis. When it’s time to take stock of files or documents that you have stored, MuGenDocs Report feature helps you. This allows you to pull reports for a particular search based criteria that you define to get the right data.

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